hanging out

Hanging Out explores the idea of neighbourhood as a place to share stories. In response to Sergey Kim’s public art piece Neighbourhood Open Eye Gallery invite local people to select any garment featured in Kim’s art piece and use this to tell their story, together the portraits and interviews form the fabric of a community connected through where we are and what we wear.

Hanging out on zoom with photographers Katherine Monaghan, Declan Connolly and Andy Yates, local people’s stories reveal their sense of what it means to connect with their neighbourhood.

Now the photographers and storytellers invite you to ‘hang out’ and see these zoom portraits and interviews here where you’ll also be invited to hang out for longer by sharing your portrait and the story of your neighbourhood. To submit your own Hanging Out stories, send an email with images and text to declan@openeye.org.uk with the subject heading ‘Hanging Out’

Hanging Out is a collaborative project between Culture Liverpool and Open Eye Gallery as part of the River of Light Trail 2021. Our funding partners are Arts Council England and Global Streets. Help us out by filling in the River of Light audience survey.