Hanging Out
About This Project

Having been asked to bring along a piece of clothing that holds a special importance to me, I chose a t-shirt that I designed in late Autumn of last year. I was invited to produce this tee design as part of the Everpress Holiday Collection. For many, the shorter days and darker nights characterised by the depths of winter brings an air of melancholy, especially when combined with a national lockdown. I created a design that celebrates this change of seasons and sheds a positive light on the isolated, yet cosy evenings that saw us through the end of a difficult year. The text on the tee reads: ‘The night draws to an end… what the day didn’t mend’. The illustration consists of two figures: The moon and the sun. The moon is drawing the curtains in, across the sky, as the sun falls asleep upon a cloud.


I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity the Open Eye ‘Hanging Out’ project has given me to reflect on this design. Even though we’re now on the other side of the new year and headed into Spring, I think this tee still holds relevance and gives an inspiring message of time being the biggest healer.


By Georgemma Hunt



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