Hanging Out
About This Project

I chose this apron I sewed specifically for gardening on my friend’s allotment in Sefton Park, as it was the first new item I’d made for a few years and has become a staple of my lockdown fashions both on and off the soil. I was inspired by my friends’ untraditional use of aprons as their large pockets are incredibly useful for carrying tools and great for wiping down mucky hands. I really liked the idea of taking this garment that has traditional connotations of kitchen drudgery and putting it to use on the producer side of the food chain. And I haven’t really got anywhere else to dress up for, so I thought I’d also make it pretty. Being outside on the allotment and volunteering at community gardening projects in L8 have provided me with a necessary and safe social outlet, whilst allowing me to continue to contribute to my local community in a meaningful and sustainable way.


By Rachel Koramoah

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