Hanging Out
About This Project

I love high end fashion with a twist, mainly street fashion! The two tops I chose are for different reasons but they intertwine along the way. One of my favourite clothing brands has always been Stone Island, I like how simple and effective some of their clothing is, it really stands out to me. I have always seen it in a punk way, where I know a lot of people don’t.


Top one- Stone Island long sleeve top

This top is one my favourite things I’ve ever owned, not only because it’s long sleeve but it’s about how unusual it is for high end fashion to make something like this. It reminds me of an American prison top but also reminds me of 90s punk diy fashion. It’s bright orange with a small logo on the front almost like a sniper target, the back of the top is my favourite it looks like someone has graffitied the brand name for their college project but couldn’t be bothered finishing it! It reminds me of when I use to make diy band t shirts with my friend when we were 16.


Top two – Inverted Mickey Mouse diy long sleeve top

This top is perhaps my favourite piece of clothing I own right now t shirt wise. It’s an inverted Mickey Mouse print with Disney text on the sleeve and resonating with what I said about the other top, this top actually is just made by one my friends for a project but the dynamics and quality and how thought out it is just screams punk to me. It has an ‘I dont care what anyone thinks’ attitude to it and that’s the most attractive thing in fashion to me! MICKEY B*****D was the project name.


By Luke McCulloch



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