Hanging Out
About This Project

I have a connection to my cadet uniform because growing up and being the small, weird kid, I was always singled out and never really fit in anywhere and I know it sounds cringe and like a clichΓ© but when I started cadets, I felt like it was something that I could have. I was naturally good at a lot of the different things such as camping and first aid so it was something that I could do and use as an escape.


I was also the only queer kid which caused a lot of backlash and because I was more “manly” than the other girls I felt strange. Even more so because I still had to wear a skirt in school so being able to put on pants, a shirt and the boots made me feel more comfortable as myself and give me more confidence. It was kind of like my safety net and an excuse to get out of that god awful skirt.


By Bella Low

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