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About This Project

I chose my clerical shirt because it is the shirt I wear most when I’m trying my best to serve people in my neighbourhood. Whenever I put it on, not only does it let others know that I am a minister, it also helps reminds me that I need to show and model love to everyone.


This last year has been particularly tough for a lot of people for various reasons. Isolation, depression, or not being able to go out and get the basics that they need to live. When I put on my shirt, I know that its my job to spiritually care for those who I am fortunate enough to call “my neighbour”. It is a privilege to be with people as someone they can trust when they are at their lowest. It is a blessing to see people, despite these times, begin to flourish and even go on to get the help that they need.


I hope that as someone whose job it is to serve people, I can inspire and encourage as many folk as possible to love their neighbour in whatever small, yet beautiful, ways that we can.


By Mikey Ferguson



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