About This Project

I suppose it’s just the fact that its people coming together and trying to work on more than just growing veg, but also making community and meeting new people and providing an opportunity for everyone. It also provides me with an opportunity to do my photography. We’ve got a project that’s about sustainability so I thought I’d come to an allotment and I came across this place and I plan on coming here week by week to help out and hopefully also make documentary style projects I’ll do over the course of the next couple of months. I came last week and met everybody and this is my first week of actually helping out and making a few photos. There’s lots of cool little buildings, like the Solardome, which I think is going to make for some great photos and then the polytunnel is just really interesting. There’s lots of cool plants and I think it’ll be a great space to make some portraits as well as candid shots of people as they do their work. 


By Hellen Songa.

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