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I used to work full time and got out to take photos once every 2 or 3 weeks. I took photos of many things; motorbike racing, landscapes and buildings to name a few. I went part time in November 2019 thinking this would leave me more time for my photography. That didn’t quite go to plan but it’s unimportant when you think of what other people have suffered due to this pandemic.


I’ve been furloughed and have plenty of time but can’t travel anywhere to take photos. Luckily, my home town of Liverpool has many parks with amazing squirrels, birds and beautiful plants. I have decided to concentrate on the wildlife. I am in danger of becoming a squirrel photographer because they’re all over the parks and I just love taking photos of them. So, I have a rather large collection of wildlife photos, mostly squirrels. Here is a small selection of them.


I hope you like my photos, thanks for looking. Stay safe everyone.


Website: VLPhotography.co.uk


By Val Lovatt

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