About This Project

For my submission I wanted to look at the urban art around Liverpool, there has been a growth of it over the last few years and it seems to “accepted” rather than seen as a form of vandalism – graffiti.


Street Art  really interests me ,the expression and artistic effort that goes with it sometimes reflects the culture of the city as we know it, or in some cases it’s a stark contradiction such as a modern mural on a period building. This creates a clash between the historical aspects and the modern expressive nature of street art, but seem to work.


For the street art portfolio , I took a walk around the Baltic area of Liverpool, once seen as quite a derelict industrial space , the area is now a vibrant hub of business and entertainment venues. This has led to a growth of urban street art and the use of it as an allurement to the business/area.


In a 1-3 kilometre   area, you can come across a varied amount of artworks. Some are easy to understand, more of a billboard, some are more intricate in detail and the use of buildings as a prop, and some are raw and simple but just as expressive.


By Luke Slavin, Liverpool

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