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Doug (or Dougie to most of his regulars) opened the business with his brother back in 1969 in Maghull. The shop on Allerton Road is the last of their shops (Doug’s favourite) and has now been open for 35 years. When asked about the business and how he feels about it all, Doug says that the shop is the only thing he knows how to do now: ‘It’s my life’. Other than my dad, Doug is probably the hardest working man I know – he’s at the shop 6 days a week, beginning in the early hours to get to market in Preston, then setting up the impressive and strategically positioned display of fruit&veg every morning. After a long day working in the shop, he delivers fruit&veg to customers around the city before heading home to Southport.

The relationship with customers is probably the highlight of the shop. People are not just customers but good friends. Some of the older staff have been working here since it opened – they know everything about everyone and you can see there’s a real bond. Personally, I’ve been humbled by the amount of kindness and friendship I’ve found working at the shop. Customers have generously gifted me with a variety of items: including baked goods from Mrs Ray’s, homemade marmalade and cakes, and even recently a bag of vintage camera gear!


By Kat Monaghan

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