About This Project

Rachel owns Lifestyle Collective, which opened 5 years ago on Allerton Road. It’s mainly a nail salon, but it’s more than that. The place has a really great atmosphere (partly due to the lovely plants sourced from Slower Space, another one of the local independents.) The staff are all so friendly and the nail art is impressive. Not only does Rachel run this exciting business, she also gets stuck in with local initiatives. She often collaborates on fun projects with myself at Adam’s Apple. Rachel comes up with super recipes, and her fiancé makes up recipe cards complete with a soundtrack created by Chris. We then share these with our customers who can also buy our ingredient’s boxes. Since moving to the area it’s been a pleasure getting to know people like Rachel and Chris. Rachel says:

“The huge privilege of being an active, living part of the high street is the connection with your community. It isn’t necessarily something I was expecting when we started off, however that relationship over time has become such a supportive anchor to me.”


By Kat Monaghan

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