About This Project

The old garage is set back just off the high street behind the bakery, so if you’re not paying attention you might not notice what is really a beautiful old building. The garage opened in 1930 and the current owner (Dave) has worked there since he was 15 when he joined as an apprentice. The old owner actually lives across the road, he’s 88 now. Dave tells me that those terraced houses that face the old garage didn’t exist when it first opened. Instead, the garage once looked onto fields – and next door was actually a cow house, with barns full of cows! Apparently, Liverpool once had hundreds of urban cow houses providing locals with fresh milk and cheese. They started to close in the 50’s, however the (then empty) cow barns and cobbled streets next door to the garage, were still around when Dave joined. A lot has changed whilst this garage has stayed the same. I often see Dave when he walks past our shop and gets into heated debates with Ryan about Everton vs Liverpool – despite the colour of his shop, Dave is an Evertonian…


By Kat Monaghan

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