The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
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Sefton Park

Helen Collins

I fell in love with this tree in 2008 when I came back to Liverpool after ten years away in Ireland and six years in Spain. It was the morning of my 60th birthday and I went into the park to find a sacred spot for me to make my birthday wish on the exact hours of my birth; which was 8.25 AM on September 25th. I walked down Ullet Walk and crossed the road to The Sefton Park Cricket Club. I noticed a little foot path which takes you to the actual entrance to the park. I did not have to go any further because about half way down the path I came across “my tree” in all its autumn glory. I made my wish, which came true. I have had a love affair with this tree ever since and love it in all seasons although Autumn is my favourite season. My late and beloved husband and I had our birthdays in September and we had our wedding in October. As the years went on it was our tree. John fell for it too. We used to carry our Christmas tree over there on January 5th each year to the spot behind the tree where the Sefton Park Gardners put the branches and cuttings. John and I talked about where he would like his ashes scattered when he was in the Marie Curie Hospice in Woolton. He chose a place in our homeland of Scotland and “our tree” by the cricket club. He told me it was because he loved that little spot and because I have another special tree in the park where some of my dad’s ashes are scattered. He thought I could stop and talk to him as I passed by on my way to have a chat with my dad. We had a lovely day with family and friends on our wedding anniversary; the first one after John died, we had readings, memories, songs, then we all walked over to “John’s tree” which it has now become. We all took handfuls of John’s ashes and scattered them around the tree. It was very moving and joyful. Each spring since John died, when the buds come and the new leaves arrive I think John is smiling at me. I believe he is very much part of that beautiful Beech Tree on the little path going down to the park.

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