About This Project

I’ve seen many people documenting their own lockdown stories since the pandemic began last year, so I guess I’m a little late with my own personal record.

As an artist I’ve always take photographs but these ones are especially deep to me. Deep in meaning. Deep in reflection. Deep in poignancy. Simple views and empty spaces have become ingrained in my memory. Unfortunately not with joy but in a joint solace that I also share with people walking these same routes.

Taken at my local urban park where play has been replaced with a much more sombre atmosphere. The Winter weather has added to this feeling of weariness. At the same time I’m hopeful these spaces will soon be filled with laughter and fun again. Abstracting the pictures with visual twists have been used to demonstrate a sense of meaningful impact, and of compassionate energy.


By Jenny Drinkwater, Warrington.


Insta – @Jennydartist

Twitter – @JennyDArtist

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