The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
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These are two photos of the same tree taken in the winters of 2017 and 2019 with different film and camera types. The tree is located on the beach between West Kirby and Hoylake facing Hilbre Island. The weather on the coast at that point can be really changeable and more extreme than you would find even slightly more inland. It can obviously be a lovely sunny spot too, but in the winter the wind can really blow and when it rains it can come at you sideways like shards of ice, and the tough weather in that spot can literally be seen in the shape of the tree, how it has bent in the wind and rain to survive, it has fought against natures forces, it just hasn’t given up. And in that story of the tree, it gives hope, that in the face of tough times, we as humans can learn off that tree, adapt to survive and don’t give in. 


I have certainly taken inspiration from that tree, I walk past it when I walk to Red Rocks, a special place I go to clear my head, to meditate and put things in perspective, and walking past that tree on the way provides the motivation to get through the tough times and know that things will be alright.


Contributor: Steve Starr

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