The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
About This Project




Here are a set of images from April 2020 to Jan 2021 that has been part of my daily life one way or another.


1/ Art and craft therapy, Inspired by the tree out side my window.

2/ After my daughter moved home, between Lockdown 1 and 2. I noticed the Magpies move in to the old Robins next in the garden tree. Even birds move home.

3/ The tree out side my daughters new home.In her garden.

4/ The wonderful colours of nature in Autumn.From my perch in doors.

5/ A better view of the bold colours of the leaves on the garden tree.Through the window.

6/ In summer. My grandson sitting in the shade of the tree after a walk before back to Lockdown.

7/ More Art therapy inspiration from the garden tree after my worst day in the first lockdown when every thing felt so over whelming to me.

8/ My friend thought she would try this ” tree hugging thing” in Anfield Cemetery Liverpool. She did say she “felt lighter in mood after”.


Contributor: Yvonne Redmond

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