The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
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Situated close to the Fairy Glen beneath the Palm house in Sefton Park the sitting tree, magic tree or snert tree as we fondly used to call it, is actually a weeping elm.


This small stunted tree has gnarled branches that are smooth from the touch of tree climbers’ hands and the canopy has grown in such a shape to encourage the perch of at least three or four friends


Many a picnic, drink or kiss have been shared in this tree… at times when visiting the tree many have had to wait their turn on the grass bank looking down to  it. From this position you can just about see the trees inhabitants, through the leaves they can see the park going about its business… usually unaware to the visitors of the tree


Maybe the tree was planted in the original design of Sefton Park back in the 1870’s making it possibly 150 years old!


What memories that tree must hold …. I have many fond memories of sitting in the tree with friends many years ago, burying my first cat under it and of walking by and seeing many others enjoying its branches and the secret place to hide…… 


Contributor: Jackie Swanson

Photo Credit: Simon Banks

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