The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
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For many years I volunteered with Lancs Wildlife Trust on their red squirrel monitoring project, and my “patch” was a wonderful piece of woodland at Ince Blundell in Sefton. Whilst carrying out my monitoring, I noticed this tree and took the photo – I then made up a story to tell my (then young) son about a man who had turned into a tree – he also wrote his own version when at primary school!


It may need a good squint but you can see the branch arms, the back of the figure, and the legs disappearing into the trunk! I occasionally took my son to the woods and he was able to see the tree itself – this was around 15-18 years ago but I was at the woodland only a couple of weeks ago – the tree and the man are still there! I write for my own enjoyment and have integrated the story into a larger one I am messing about with at the moment! For interest, I have extracted the “Man who turned into a Tree” from my larger story – it was just a bit of fun for my son, turning from a made up oral tale to the written one! 


Contributor: Richard Orritt

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