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About This Project

My visual chronicle is centred around West Kirby – a town I’ve known my whole life. Recording this world event and the impact it is having on our town is important.

I’ve tried to capture how this virus has affected the very fabric of our day to day lives. I have concentrated on the “closed for business” signs. These are the marks people have left, some factual, some humorous and some with hope that they’ll open again… who knows what the future will hold. I have shot most of the images in a sombre black and white which matches my mood and shows everything more graphically.

The chronicle starts with a sunset… as there is always a tomorrow and West Kirby is famous for its sunsets! It ends with cherry blossom. Why? Hanami is an old Japanese word for flower viewing but more specifically the cherry blossom (Sakura)… at the absolute core of the word is the meaning and understanding that like the cherry blossom, life is not only beautiful but fragile and fleeting. Enjoy it while it is with you… make the most of it.


By David Edwards


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