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In these times we seem to be in a transitional stage from one norm to the next, on hold waiting for the new dawn of post isolation. Everything continues in distorted consensual reality, nothing quite as it seems. The somewhat illusion of solidity has shifted to collective uncertainty forcing us to double take, re-adjust and accept what’s in front of us not behind. An air of existential thought lingers, finding personal truth in the quagmire of post truth.

This work is a reflection on the above that if we look too hard back toward previous normality this too becomes contorted and hazy in this new world. That ultimately normality wasn’t so normal, a double vision of sorts, nothing ever was quite as it seemed after all.


By Sam Batley

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  • Rosa Lucy
    Posted at 11:02h, 22 April Reply

    These are amazing. Can see so many stories in each and every capture!

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