About This Project

I became unemployed and I had a child that was grieving and I took her out of school and we looked for things to do and we found North Park. We just jumped into that and my kid enjoyed all the learning parts of it. She was able to do a small course on gardening so she’s learnt some things and I’ve learnt a lot from being involved over the last 6 years, and made lots of friends and met lots of different people. So that’s what got me involved

I feel it impacts me positively on my mental health. I feel like if you were down it could make you feel a bit better, it works on me, a lot better. You can see how other people will depend on it and we can all prepare each other up. It’s a network of support where sometimes you can have a let out and tell people how you feel and someone will listen. We’ve built up relationships to help each other out.

Yeah, I feel like I belong in my community now and I feel like on the whole all of this plantining that we’re doing and preserving what we’ve got is doing something towards the environment, and we’re building networks for when everything fails because the world is going being destroyed and the environment is going to the dogs. David Attenbrough is right, the world is ending and capitalism is failing, which means everyone is paying for it. Poverty and food scarcity, so having a network like this is for the future.


By Hellen Songa.

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