About This Project

My sprouting journey began when I came across an episode on the Rich Roll podcast called ‘surviving Juicero & Thriving on Sprouts’ which the protagonist Dough Evans talked about all the health benefits of eating and growing your own sprouts.

I found that over the counter antihistamines were not a viable long term solution to my allergy’s and intolerances to some processed foods. And so I was keen to see if these so called miracle sprouts could help me with my struggling immune system. YouTube showed me the way, I found a very easy five step process that only needs a jar, some seeds, love, and a little water. The love is optional.

The prep day: Add two table spoons of seeds (the ones in the pictures are Mung beans and Fenugreek) into a jar that has a mesh or cheese cloth top. Fill them with water, then place the jar in a dark cupboard at room temperature for at least twelve hours.

Day 1: Once in the morning and once in the evening empty the water from the jars and fill it back up with fresh water. Then place them back in the cupboard, make sure to keep the jars tilted to let the excess water drain out.

Day 2: Repeat the first day.
Day 3: Repeat the second day.

Day 4: Repeat the third day, but instead of storing the jars in a cupboard, place them in a room that has some sunlight, this allows the burgeoning sprouts to change from brown (usually) to a green. I’m not a scientist but this is their main meal, the water being the appetiser.

Day 5: Repeat the 4th day, but in the morning place them on a windowsil for maximum sunlight exposure, then in the evening after washing them, they’re ready to eat or to be frozen

The whole process reminds me of when I was at primary school and the teacher showed me how to grow Watercress (real ones) will remember. Anyway have fun on your sprouting journey, and don’t forget to freeze them on the final day, that way they keep all that goodness.

by Kyle

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