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The propagation of strawberry is relying on the runners, but not the fruit. The original plant will stretch its runners horizontally, and seeking any space on the surface for them to root. Once they get into position, then they are ready to grow.
Runners do not have leaves to absorb energy. Therefore, the original plant will need to provide energy continuously, until the new plants established. This process looks like one generation keeps sending messages to another, and hope those little ones are able to grow up healthily.

I spotted campanula growing out of every crack, complimenting the bright purple paint at the front of the house. This would be a feast for the bees once it got going!

In the back yard there was all sorts, including ragwort which was covered in striking yellow and black stripey caterpillars who were feasting on its stems and leaves. I decided to keep a ‘wild corner’ by the tap where weeds and wildlife would thrive. In my eyes it was brilliant but the weeds were unfortunately brutally chopped back by a well-meaning plasterer!

We wondered whether any of our caterpillar pals had survived. It wasn’t til spring this year when we started to spot these bright red and black moths sunbathing in the yard that we realised they were Cinnabar moths and the stripey caterpillars were their larvae.

Cinnabar moths are native to Europe but have been introduced into parts of Australia, New Zealand and North America in order to control ragwort growth which is poisonous to livestock.

by Rachel Hardy

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