About This Project

This is a photography project by documenting scenes in terms of trivialities in daily lives across different places of England, trying to seek the simple goodness by capturing the objects around us especially under the constrained pandemic lockdown situation. Inspired by the previous documenting preference, I always impressed by the artificial objects that emerged in public space. They might be a section of pipe in red colour exposed on the sidewalk or the log piers placed next to shrubberies offering a place for relaxation. Those scenes usually created by human beings unconsciously, or from their consideration in practical utilization and entertainment, but often presented in an unexpected artistic way, like public installation but without their appearances. This object-object contact on public space is like the index of human trace. This is to say, contacting with the objects and leaving them in a specific location to suggest the human traces over this space on the one hand. On the other hand, relying on photography for documentation is also the way of physical presence. Therefore, this project aims to present the traces of the real, to explore this visible connection between objects and humans over public space.


By Lina Yan

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