The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
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Trees give life to us all but one particular tree in Liverpool has given me a new life and a new name to go along with it!


Please, may I introduce to you Mr Elder, my husband…


Husband? Yes, you did read that right and no, I’m not barking mad!


In September 2019 I ‘married’ an Elder tree on Rimrose Valley Country Park as an environmental protest to raise awareness about plans to put a road through one of Liverpool’s wildest, largest community green spaces. This would be to connect the Port of Liverpool to the Motorway network…


I wandered about the park on a couple of occasions to find a suitable groom for the big day once I’d decided I was to be wed and while a couple of sturdy looking trunks caught my attention, I was waiting for that soul connection, when I seen the Elder, I knew it was the one. What stands out for me with this tree, is the way it stands alone. Watchful. It’s many twisted branches spreading out in all directions, supporting each other. And I like how on closer inspection I can see an ear shape in the trunks and heart shapes in the branches. Along with the elders folklore, this tree has something special about it!


Sometimes, people don’t understand how one can have such a connection to trees. I see trees are like people and I feel, its just in the same way, in which we are attracted to our partners, friends and others whom we choose our relationships and connections with. We walk past 100s & 1000’s of trees in our lifetimes, just like we meet many people but sometimes, some stand out more than others. Some stay, some blow away with the wind…


The wedding idea blew all the way over from a village in Mexico where some local, single women were marrying their trees to highlight deforestation in the area. I thought it was a beautiful idea. You’d be right in thinking I’ve felt the same way about trees all my life! So when I heard about the road plans I saw an opportunity to raise awareness for the campaign and charity, while combining my love of trees and a great day out enjoying the earth. I wanted to turn something which is really a very serious message into a light hearted and peaceful way of protesting. We achieved our aim with this but our mission continues although, we are very hopeful for the preservation of this magical patch of green space.


I used to say if people asked… It’s not about the tree, it’s about them all and I don’t love it but actually… I do 💚 So the wedding day came and surrounded by a meadow of wildflowers to help calm the breathing, with my family friends for familiarity and support to my right as to my left… The local politicians and press! What a most unusual, beautiful day we all had! All there for the big fairy tale wedding I never, ever dreampt I would have!! Until the idea of course…


I’m not legally married to the tree obviously but I mean business, so much so, I have officially changed my name by deed poll to Kate Rose Elder in honour of my tree and to show my dedication to Rimrose Valley.


What a statement to be able to make;


I found myself a tree and my life is changed forever. I’m a very fortunate girl. I think I have the Elder tree fairies looking out for me now! So to anyone reading who could do with a little sprinkle of magic in their lives, next time you’re out and about walking the streets of our amazing city, keep an open mind and an open eye and you might also find a tree, that is the maker of fairytale dreams…x…


Contributor: Kate Elder

Photo Credit: Gavin Trafford

  • Davy Edge
    Posted at 23:18h, 16 February Reply

    Really entertaining read! Fab pics, too!Well done, Kate and Gavin!

  • Susan Wilkinson
    Posted at 11:17h, 14 January Reply

    Absolutely love this idea and what a fantastic way to highlight RV 💕💕🌳🌴🌲🐝🐞🦆

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