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About This Project

This series documents a domestic diary during lockdown in a shared rented house, a little rough around the edges, but no less home. For myself, this strange space in time has presented the chance to take stock of relationships, both human, with my immediate surroundings and beyond.


The images are intended to explore the nature of these connections, whilst being deliberately devoid of people. Observations are made through the lens of a prolonged time for reflection, previously inconceivable. All boundaries of space are both blurred and refocused, be it physical space or headspace. Despite our restricted movements, we require new levels of navigation like never before.


Inside our front door a trolley token necklace awaits the next venture to the supermarket. At the same time, a skipping rope lives strategically on the back-door handle, leading to the enclosed concrete yard. The laborious 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle lies on the coffee table – still nobody can find time for it. Imposed confinement has seized previous freedoms whilst releasing us from the pressure of a daily life that revolves around work, for our household.


On a global scale, we make attempts to protect ourselves from an outside threat, meanwhile the natural world is somewhat protected from reduced human activity. It seems all the norms of a previous life are up in the air and everything must be rediscovered and reality reconstructed, on the other side of your front door.


By Anna Selway

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