About This Project

Cities and towns need more stuff like this. Instead of just looking at buildings and roads and airports, community gardens are great because you can just come, chill, relax, do stuff that you enjoy. It gets you out of the house. It’s better than sitting in the house and watching day-time tv all the time. Come do something that is beneficial- growing your own fruit, growing your own veg. And at the end of the day, you get to pick it, eat it and distribute it to local organizations for people who need it more than you. Instead of wasting money in supermarkets and making them richer, you can just do it yourself. To be honest, it’s fun.  

Two years I’ve been coming here. Every day is different. You learn something new every day. You learn stuff from other volunteers. Like Colin, he’s taught me how to grow stuff that I never thought I’d grow, ever. It’s so easy just to go to the shop and go ‘Oh, yeah. Can I have this, this, this and this.’ But to learn how to grow from the seed to the end, to the plate, there’s nothing better than it. And now I’ve transferred what I’ve learned here to my own garden. So, I grow my own fruit and veg at my own house instead of going to the shop to buy it. In two years, things have changed, things have advanced, there’s more stuff on the site. We had the lockdown, so we couldn’t come as much, which was a big bummer. So, all I did during the lockdown was do the stuff that I couldn’t do here at home. I enjoy it. Especially the bees. There’s nothing that beats having a thousand to two thousand bees flying around your face. I enjoy it and I’ll keep coming and keep coming until the day my body decides I can’t go or I decide that it’s not for me anymore. But I do and I’m happy. 


By Hellen Songa.

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