About This Project

Pipe Dream is a noun

  1. a fanciful or impossible plan or hope 

Word origin: alluding to dreams produced by smoking an opium pipe

In this project my main interest lies in the exploration of the subconscious and dreams. Photography is a good tool for discovery, as with analogue camera I don’t see the results immediately. What makes the process difficult, is the reality connected nature of the medium.

Pipe Dream is a visual record of a 4 years period of my life. These days were happy, but also lonely in a sense. I met a lot of people, and went to interesting places looking for something, that I didn’t even know what it is. Alcohol and drugs were also taking part in the story, which help to think less, and get closer to the subconscious . The pictures aim to get in connection with the viewers mind int he deepest sense. While making the pictures I was trying not to keep myself to a concept, just shooting from the gut. When I was editing the photos later, I tried to choose the ones which are the most timeless, and connected to the collective subconscious.

To understand reality is my pipe dream.


by Balázs Varga

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