About This Project

Born in Warrington I have watched it develop into a New Town when young, and now older I am watching it being demolished as the town sprawls outwards into the Green Belt with the town centre re-developed into apartments with ambitions of a future city .


Located halfway between Liverpool and Manchester it was important which football and rugby team that you chose, forming your identity and peer group for the years ahead. I became a punk and feeling trapped in the town spent my weekends visiting the cities, where I feel more at home.


Photo 1: Black Lives Matter Warrington, this was my highlight of the year in the town. I enjoyed taking part in the demonstrations and got some powerful images.


Photo 2 and 3: Images of the New town era Market. Now demolished, people were glad to see it go at the time but now say the photos bring back nostalgic and happy memories.


Photo 4: New town House, a view of New Town House from one of the new apartments. New Town House is being demolished next year.


By Paul Hazlehurst, Warrington

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