About This Project

Image 1:


My own front door.Β 

A place of safety.
No one abusive has the keys.
I have found my place of sanctuary.


Image 2:


Home. Is not always your own home.
In this Poang chair, I can relax. I can be me. I can feel safe. It feels like home. And that isn’t something I have felt much of before. I have keys to their house. And I can turn up whenever I want to or need to and know that they will be ok with that. For some people, that is something they have had all their lives. For others, that is not the case.
They are not family in any legal or birth sense. But they are family to me. And I am very, very grateful that there are now people in my life like that. I am beginning to allow a sense of belonging and attachment that wasn’t safe as a child. And I dedicate this image to them. For their loyalty, friendship, steadfastness, constancy and love.


By Beth, Clickmoor.

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