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Getting To Know You

The first time I saw you I knew I had to have you,
Glistening in the window calling me,
Seducing me and convincing me to take care of you.
As we share a moment, to which no one can relate
I look for somewhere suitable where you can locate.
But little did I know how hard it would be
to grow you from a sapling to a tree.
The games you play,
never happy to stay.
How do I please you?
Light and water to nourish,
encouraging you to flourish,
giving you room to bloom and flower,
training you to tower.
As you reach for the sun, I turn,
Trying not to scorch your leaves,
The endless time you feel you have
but its just running by you in disbelief.
The thrips and mites itching,
the fungus gnats laughing.
You’re just a day away from dying.
Beneficial Nematodes to the rescue,
hoping to solve the issue,
Creeping and eating their way through the larvae
It never ceases to amaze me how they
Always do their best,
Trying to get rid of all those pests.
And then the cycle starts again
Watching and questioning
Hoping to meet those high expectations,
Beating myself over all the frustrations.
looking at my reflection
Wondering if ill reach my aspirations.
I need to breath and take a moment
I am my own opponent.

Crystal Maria Bhatti

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