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It does not have special smell.

It has light purple flowers.

The leaves and flowers are not edible.

If the plant had a voice, it may say: Please take good care of me, and I will return you with good looking flowers and nice fruits.

It’s given name is Aubergine Long Purple.

I choose this plant because I like purple, and both the flowers and fruits of this plant are in purple.

It reminds me the nature is beautiful and amazing. When the flowers die, the fruits will come out and we can enjoy them, and we can also use the seeds to start another life cycle.

Donna’s Growing Story

I migrated to Liverpool in March 2021. It was my first time in the United Kingdom. I feel exciting to my new life but at the same time, a bit of worry, as all the things are new to me.


I walked around with my family members after completing the quarantine and passed through the Everton Community Garden. Hilary and John invited us to walk around the garden. They explained to us what they are doing in the garden, and we are welcome to join them on every Tuesday and Friday for some volunteer work. I never do any planting related matters in Hong Kong, but it seems interesting to start something new in my life’s new chapter.


After a month’s time, Hilary asked us what vegetables we usually have in Hong Kong, she then prepared some of those vegetables’ seeds and teach us to plant them in the community garden, I was impressed by all the volunteers’ love to the nature, and I love their attitude of welcome anyone to join them.


I then started my ‘little garden’ in my flat’s balcony. Last year, I got two pots of strawberry seedlings from the garden. And this year, I learned more about cultivation in a course arranged by the community garden, and after a lesson of propagate, some Coleus came to my home. And now, I am learning how to plant tomatoes, it looks good and healthy, and I am longing the day of harvesting my first tomato.


I love my new chapter of life, and I hope the more I learned, the more I can contribute to the nature.

by Donna

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  • Raju Sinha
    Posted at 11:25h, 01 July Reply

    Great 👍 pictures of plants. Excellent work. Very good 😊 idea for growing and indoor lighting.

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