About This Project

I think I’ve been here maybe since May of 2021, just last year. Not yet one year. My sister was walking through Everton Park one day, I think maybe John invited her to take a look in the community garden. My sister brought me here and I come nearly every week. 

It’s quite new for me to do some gardening work because I haven’t done this before. It’s totally new for me and I enjoy it because I found it’s quite fun doing gardening. I think it’s a calm down for me because I was coming from Hong Kong which is a big city, so it’s quite busy. It’s hard for you to find a place for you to rest mentally and physically so I think in garden work you find a place which can give you some safety inside your head. It’s quite meaningful for me,  communicating between different cultures, such as I can learn new things here and I can tell other people about my culture and about myself. If we’re having Chinese New Year and some traditional things, my sister told me to bring some new year cake and they have told me about the cakes in Easter and Christmas.


By Hellen Songa.


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