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They used to have lunch and one of the ladies said ‘do you want to come in?’ I said ‘Yes, I’ll come in, what are you doing?’ and ever since I’ve been coming. And I like gardening; I’ve got a garden of my own but I’ve got to get it maintained. I really enjoy coming here, I really look forward to coming here every Tuesday. And in the summertime it’s really lovely because you get all the nice sun. I like coming. And as I say, you make friends, meet different people, interact, everybody gets on with each other. It’s really nice. I’ve always loved growing. You want to see my window ledge, it’s full of plants. I’ve liked it since I was small. From when I was in school. We went out for a day once with school and I brought my mother a plant home. And I like flowers.I think it makes the place look nice, summery, especially in the winter. In my community, I am making a difference especially in this one because they used to throw rubbish and things in here. It was a memorial garden, they did all the hedge stones over there *points*, and they put all the hedge stones back. But all the kids wrecked it, they would throw all their rubbish and things like that. Gary’s mostly done this. I even got a certificate for gardening, I think I’ve got two. They tell you how to plant your flowers. When you want to plant a pot or when you’re repotting, you just put them at the side, not in the middle; so you learn something new every time. Because the sun gets to them and I’ve done it, and they’re growing! It’s really good. And you learn the names of the plants, lavender and daffodils. I think there’s lavender over there *points*. We had little pebbles as well, I don’t know where they put them. We got pebbles and put names on them. We painted them and put the names of the flowers and herbs. We’ve got lavender, sage, potatoes, lettuce, broccoli, carrots. We’re redoing them again. You see this plant here *points to Passion Fruit*, it’s flower is really really lovely, and I took a cutting from it and it’s growing! Catherine said ‘just put it in the pot’ and it started to grow and my sister said that i’ve got green fingers and I said ‘I know’. We said ‘aren’t they unusual flowers’.

It does affect your wellbeing. It keeps you alert. I’m a person that likes to be out all the time. My children say ‘Mum! Aren’t you staying? ‘Nah, I’m going out.’ I’ve got no need to stay at home.


By Hellen Songa.

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