About This Project

I found myself struggling with difficult emotions during the months of lockdown and I turned to photography to help me process my thoughts and feelings.


My prominent feeling was sadness – I felt grief for those directly affected by illness and loss, with anxiety and sorrow over the effects of climate change.


On a personal level, I felt overwhelmed by nostalgia, with a deep longing for the days of my childhood when the world seemed much greener and time passed slowly with simple pleasures. Days of adventure outdoors, building dens; collecting conkers, flowers and leaves as seasons changed.


As I walked with my camera, I sought out subjects from nature to reflect how life is fragile, fleeting and precious.


In this anxious, crowded world, I hope we take time to notice, and care for, the frail and vulnerable in society and remember to treasure the natural world around us.


(I am grateful to my lovely friends and mentors at Clickmoor for their support and good spirits during the uncertain days of 2020/2021. Thank you!)


By Honor Lake

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  • Paul McFeeley
    Posted at 22:16h, 29 September Reply

    Fantastic work Honor and I certainly can identify with many of your emotions during lockdown. Well done 👏

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