The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
About This Project




For the last five years I have been working from my home working space, the Blue Room Writing Studio in the middle of a housing estate in L15, I call my flat Treeview as because it is on the third floor, all you can see is the tree tops, the periphery  of Childwall Abbey Fields and right over the farmers fields to Whiston. It gives you the feel of being in a treehouse in the middle of  suburbia. The sun rises outside my studio window, so I have witnessed some epic starts to the day. It is truly the best time to be alive when the world is erupting and anything is possible.


I have a silver birch that I absolutely love and it never looks the same if you look closely enough.


The birch has a particular personal resonance with me, it is the first tree to grow back in a forest fire, it is resilient, persistent and regenerative. I had a particular rough period in my life, this tree  gave me  a great deal of comfort and actually helped restore me.


Contributor: John Maguire


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