The Story Of Liverpool Through Its Trees
About This Project




This particular tree once sat on the hillside of Sefton Park Lake on the East side of the lake close to the stepping stones end. It has been my favourite tree for years and one I have captured so many times over the years. I even used it in a backdrop for a music video I produced featuring a local musician back in 2010.


Unfortunately the tree was cut down last year, apparently due to rot, and it’s loss has been very poignant to my journey through 2020 with the loss of my beloved pet dog, who spend many days happily sniffing around this tree. I have also lost two close family members, most of my freelance work and after falling ill myself and being bed ridden in October the only thing keeping my spirits up was to create digital art from some of my favourite photographs, with the attached tree being one of them.


The empty space that now resides where the tree once stood sums up 2020 for me but through photographs and art the tree will live on as will the memory of all my loved ones who have lost their lives this year.


You can find this tree and more similar style art on my new Instagram account for which i used the alias Elana Kaye, which was the name of my Nan’s shop on Aigburth road back in the 1950s instagram.com/e_kaye_art


Contributor: Elaine Kinsella

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