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So the first day of lockdown, I drop my camera. It’s dead. I’m trying to process what’s happening in the World. Everything’s different and in the enormity of what’s coming, what does it matter having no camera? My phone is the lifeline now. That first few weeks, I’m a shadow, frozen, caught in a web of bare trees, reflected in a stagnant pool. But among the rotting leaves of the past, a seed throws out a shoot.


I wait. Venus in the night sky offers a glimmer of hope. I touch an old tree, a very old tree that’s weathered over 200 years. My hands are dry and wrinkled with washing constantly; bark dry. My fingers fit the furrows; two living things connect.


Colour arrives with spring, new life among dead leaves, a Chestnut sapling, smaller than a Bluebell now, but one day it will be tall and strong. There’s light through a broken, fallen tree, and a future out there.


Still in lockdown. But there is still hope.



All photos taken on my iphone. I usually work with un-manipulated photos, so apart from changing two of these to monochrome, they are as shot.


By Jean Maskell

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