About This Project

During the Covid-19 global pandemic I started a journal as a source of catharsis to record my time, emotions and experience of the enforced lockdown.  I translated this historic life experience into my artistic practice, and throughout the lockdown created sculptural and photographic responses of my journal entries.


Throughout this time, I wrote, recorded sound, photographed items, objects and used video to explore the length and breadth of emotion I was experiencing at that time.


Through the medium of staged and still life photography I translated my lived experience of the lockdown and the shifting of states I encountered.  Exploring the illustrative process, Isolating the subjects through my photography and capturing a transformative moment for the subject.


The presented images are narrated by myself with excerpts from my daily journal entries throughout the time.  Some images have incorporated sound of the time. The heightened sense of awareness I was feeling.


This project is a record of a moment in time that will forever be with us. A time when most of the nation stopped, a time when we all came home.


To hear the spoken pieces accompanying the visual work, visit here: https://read.bookcreator.com/IGTCuGYWiIYjAj0J3z6F4uXmpxm2/U0XYSkssTmGhJXLHNEFOeQ


By Marianne McGurk

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