About This Project

My brother found out by a complete accident because my original volunteer space got really toxic, so I found out about this and then I just never stopped because I love gardening originally but I never had a place to do it or a care to do it. I got into gardening cactuses and then I did a permaculture course because of Squash, then I got an allotment. I like the fact that you can be alone but not truly alone. You can be in the middle of a job but you’re not isolated, you’re alone because you want to be sometimes. 

I enjoy composting because it’s dynamic and you’ve got to know where it is and I just like being with it. Basically, I like composting because it’s one of them you’ve got to have intuition with, it’s not something you can pick up very quickly. Sometimes there’s flies and sometimes it’s not because it’s rotten, it’s because it’s damp and there’s a lot of intuition and that’s what a lot of my jobs are- intuition based jobs. It does affect my wellbeing, a lot to be honest because I’m highly antisocial sometimes and it allows me to be antisocial without being antisocial. So I have the option to talk to people.


By Hellen Songa.

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