About This Project

Were we are from is not the only place we go,

It’s friends we make through our lives.

Meet from other places we visit,

Which helps us grow.


Tosh G


These photos show my sister, myself and my younger brother. Growing up on the Ford Estate in birkenhead. The photographs show my Mum and Dad bringing up their family. They show my wife and myself with our two lads and our first grandchild Jayarae. 


The Ford Estate to me was the foundation on which built my own life. The unity of families on that estate made for long lasting relationships and friendships I still have today.




I came from tin bath’s

And clothes racks.

The smell of Christmas carpets

And Sunday Tea snacks.


I came from Country and Western

And the Beatles to rest my head in.


I came from exciting times

And stupid crimes.

Adidas tops, Doc Martin boots

And football chant rhymes.


I came from madness but safety

Aggression but love.

A time when people believed in Something Greater Above.


I came from Guitars, Football

And fields of muck.

A loving mum and dad, sister, two brothers.

I can’t believe my luck.


I come from The Ford.


By Tosh G, Ford Estate, Birkenhead.

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