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Heswall and Memories


These are some photos of my home town Heswall, taken recently during the daily lockdown walk. I’ve lived here for 20+ years, and during that period as all people will have to at some time in their lives, I’ve experienced loss. Not everybody has to arrange funerals for their offspring, our eldest son in this case, but it’s perhaps more common than people think.


The route of this walk where I took the photos is the same as when we used to walk our boys to and from primary school. When you lose someone, feelings can be very raw for a long time, and indeed for those closest to us, we may never truly get over it, but with time, at least you can start to appreciate the memories. This is what this photographed walk was doing for me, bringing to mind the good times we spent together, and the value of the ordinary things we do and see every day.


Living here now, in the same family house, just me and my dog, is perhaps not the most practical thing anymore, but because of those memories I know it would be difficult to live anywhere else.


By Steve Starr, Heswall.

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