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Like many of these local businesses, Candice is an active player in the community. She’s excited about the area and keen to put it on the map. She often comes up with great local initiatives such as the recent ‘Tenner Festival’. Whenever I see her she has 3 kids in tow – it’s impressive to see someone successfully juggle being a business owner, a teacher and a mum all at once! Her maternal qualities can be felt in the cafe in a kind and gentle way. She runs the place with her husband Andrew, who also runs the kitchen. Candice says:

“Our coffee shop means a lot to us. We opened it as we wanted to spend more time as a family and work on something together. Good food and coffee has been a passion of ours for a long time so it felt like the right move for us. We absolutely love the community feel where we are located. We feel so welcome and are very proud to be a part of this fabulous area. We have the best customers and so many amazing independent businesses around us it is a lovely area to both live and work. In the past few years we have seen lots more brilliant businesses open around us and it has become a great place to go out for food and drink.”


By Kat Monaghan

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