About This Project

Take a deep, slow, long breath


Walk strictly left

Pray each night

Don’t end in hell

Yoga is the devil

Astrology is the dark

Tarot evil spirit

Queerness leaves a mark

One day, you too like me

One day, you too, like me

You too, will be, like me

One day, you too, like me

Change – the unfolding of who we really are

Unpeeling masks of conditioning

You lived not a life but a way to survive

Born again

Into days

Each yesterday

a lifetime ago

I know

I keep evolving

Into more true oscillations

I let go

Of the sun

That used to rise in me

With anxiety

I let go

Of dark nights

I would pull over my shoulders

hiding in an echo chamber

I didn’t know what was beyond

A world of colours

shines through broken glass

casting rainbows into the dark

A song of perspectives

Where you meets me and I meet you

We are so much more than this moment

We are beyond

Connected to everyone

The devil is in me

The darkness rings true

Dance with the devil

For they live in you

I befriend my wounded inner child,

I who existed before conception

My future self,

Divine intervention

I gaze

Into dark nights

Inspire dreams above shoulders

Dancing on a mountain

A rainbow is beyond

A universe of colours

shines through glass windows

casting fractals into the dark

A song of perspectives

Where you meets me and I meets you


Free to be



I am man

I am woman

A walking contradiction

I am aphrodotic

I am the universe

Tat Twam Asi

I am, I am, I am

Close your eyes

Take a deep long slow breath

You are enough as you are, as you feel yourself to be, in this moment, right here and now.


by Moon Scott


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