About This Project

My name is Olena Lemberska. I am a Ukrainian photographer, born in Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv, where I live and work now. My main profession is a doctor.


A few years ago, I decided to devote more time to photography, which I have loved since childhood. And I started with education. I have studied and continue to study photography as part of the visual arts: at the Serhiy Melnychenko School of Conceptual and Art Photography “MYPH”(2021), at the Igor Chekachkov Academy(2021) and at Dmytro Bohachuk’s author’s courses at the Kyiv School of Photography(2020 – 2021). I am currently studying portrait and concept photography and working on a project with curator Anna Melnikova. Also, in 2021, I was a participant in 2 creative residences in Lithuania, where I worked under the guidance of Ukrainian and Lithuanian curators.


Artist Statement.

Everything around, the world and our life in it consists of moments. Sometimes they pass so quickly that it is impossible to notice or feel them. This is why I love looking at static images so much.


Life for me is putting together fragments to see something whole, something greater than the sum of the parts. Searching for meaning? Yes, maybe so…


I collect fragments, pieces of the whole world: strange, beautiful and not so, sometimes absurd or even scary. From these fragments I can assemble my own world, different from the one that surrounds me. Pushing through my own vulnerability, unbelief, fragility and emotional instability, I am moving forward little by little.


It’s my way of resisting chaos and creating order where there seems to be none. This became especially important after February 24, 2022, when all the horrors of this world found their flesh and blood in my country.


Why am I doing this? Maybe because I feel fear and insecurity… Maybe because I don’t understand: who are we, why and for what? Or maybe because we are all reflected in these fragments?


By Olena Lemberska



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