About This Project

Do You See Us? is a series that presents how fashion can be more inclusive as 10 young people represent their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, disabilities, and individual style through fashion. This body of work includes a collection of shoots that have allowed the models to become key collaborators within the series as they have been in control of their fashion and location choices to allow for their personality and preferences to be showcased.

Inclusivity and accurate representations are vital in the fashion industry to help allow society to gain an understanding about communities outside of their own. Clothing is a form of expression, and the industry is beginning to progress in supporting people to accept their own individuality and desires when it comes to their own fashion. To support the images shown i have created as photo book that it supported with text from the models who have been involved have given statements through questionnaires and dialogue which are presented alongside them for added context.


By Megan Pugh

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