About This Project

Before lockdown my statement was very simple and direct. “To spend time in beautiful places with beautiful people with a camera capturing the sights that intrigued me.”


When access to the outside world became difficult due to lockdown I had to change my approach to capturing images and began to think in different ways about my immediate environment which was my home and garden for a long period of time. This was challenging, looking back it is surprising how much I took for granted visually in our immediate surroundings. However I welcomed wholeheartedly the challenges presented by the Clickmoor group and threw myself into looking at my environment in different ways. Changes in light indoors and outdoors and seasonal changes became more important than before as opportunities presented themselves. Awareness of what was available to use in terms of props and sometimes the use of old images figured highly in my responses to the Clickmoor challenges. I was steered in the direction of making more use of photo editors and experimented with what I call “reckless edits”, as well as the double exposure function in my camera. So a different approach evolved over time and is still evolving thankfully. I believe there is a strong connection between the images I have produced and the feelings and thinking processes I have been going through in lockdown. However, the viewer will of course make their own mind up on that and maybe even take what they get from the images to another place in their own reality and worldview related to their own experience of lockdown.


By Bill Plews

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